I previously wrote about Mobilegeddon, the “name” given to the change Google made to their search algorithms which will deemphasize websites that are not mobile-friendly (sites that will not fit on a smartphone or tablet screen, requiring left-right scrolling — which most users don’t like — or that require a lot of zooming in to read the text).  The impact thus far has not been reported to be all that great.  So if you’re website is not mobile-friendly, your search results probably have not taken too bad of a hit.

However, you might have a different problem.  Google is now reporting that as of Summer 2015, more than half of all searches on Google were done from mobile devices.  So, even if you’re showing up, if your site is not mobile-friendly, the user might not stay very long if they can use your site easily.  In other words, you are telling over half of your customers or potential customers that you do not care enough about them to have them easily access your site.  Most will go elsewhere.

Around 25% of all websites are based in WordPress — including the one you are reading.  WordPress has many responsive themes you can use to make your site mobile-friendly.  I am extending my previous offer of $50 to install a plugin that will make your site mobile-friendly.  A responsive theme is the best way to go mobile, but plugins can be a good stop-gap.  This offer is good through the end of 2015.

Contact me to discuss your mobile needs, for WordPress or other website platforms.

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