Websites for Dummies?

At this point, it is no secret that the website rollout for the National Health Insurance Exchange has been nothing short of a disaster.  I’m utterly amazed at how poor a job was done to develop that website.  Why they did not use Drupal as a platform is beyond me.  Many government agencies — including the White House website — are running on a Drupal platform.  Drupal is stable, scalable, secure and handles data extremely well.

I had a chuckle when I saw the picture below of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius being handed a copy of Websites for Dummies.  It is difficult to expect a high level administrator to understand all the technicalities of developing a website.  That is why non-technical people hire competent people to explain what needs to be done (and to understand the requirements of the client).  Clearly, that failed in this case.

I specialize in helping non-technical clients understand in plain english how I can help them — once I understand their goals.  If you are not technical and want to get your business or firm online, please contact me to discuss.


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