How Safe Are Your Digital Assets?

Author Kevin Roose recently dared two hackers to see how much they could mess up his life. So I decided to stage an experiment that, in hindsight, sounds like a terrible idea: I invited two of the world’s most elite hackers (neither of whom I’d ever met) to spend two weeks hacking me as deeply and thoroughly as they could, using all of the tools at their disposal. My only conditions were that...

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Using one of these Passwords? The 2015 List

The 2015 list of most used passwords is out.  It looks much like the list from the previous year.  From the folks at SplashList, here it is without further ado: 1 – 123456 (unchanged from 2014) 2 – password (unchanged) 3 – 12345678 (up 1) 4 – qwerty (up 1) 5 – 12345 (down 2) 6 – 123456789 (unchanged) 7 – football (up 3) 8 – 1234 (down 1) 9...

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Multi-factor Authentication May Have Helped Prevent Cardinals Hack of Astros

Earlier this week, news outlets reported on an FBI investigation alleging the St. Louis Cardinals, one of the National League’s most storied and successful clubs, hacked into the Houston Astros’ scouting system to steal information.  Reports (or perhaps rumors) have also surfaced charging that current Astros General Manager Jeff Luhnow — previously an executive with the...

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