Facebook is not Private!

If you are like most people, you have a Facebook account.  If you’re smart, you have your privacy settings such that only your friends can see your postings, private information and pictures.  Even set as private, your privacy is not guaranteed.  Your friends can re-post or forward along your postings.

But even worse, courts are now recognizing that there is no expectation of privacy when you post anything person to your Facebook page.  The Law Journal recently reported:

Three courts in Pennsylvania have now decided that, if a party in a civil case posts information on his or her Facebook page that appears to contradict statements in discovery or testimony, then the party’s Facebook page falls within the scope of discovery. In the most recent case, Largent v. Reed, a judge ordered a plaintiff in an auto accident case to turn over her Facebook username and password to the defendant, on the ground that her postings brought up questions about the extent of her injuries.

Post at your own risk.


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