Anthony Weiner and Any Publicity…

There’s an old maxim that any publicity is good publicity.  I think Anthony Weiner’s recent attempt to “resurrect” his political career by running for New York City Mayor proves that maxim does not always hold true.  The reason for his disgrace in the first place was a “sexting” scandal which forced him to resign his seat in Congress.

His renewed political career started off well, with a contrite apology and explanation.  Unfortunately, he neglected to tell the public that he didn’t get his sexting problem under control until well after his resignation.  Things then headed downhill after that revelation with shouting matches with reporters and members of the public.  Weiner was in the news quite frequently but for all the wrong reasons.

The end result was a distant finish in the Democratic Party primary and what might be some irreparable family problems (he didn’t thank his wife or child in his concession speech).  And as a parting gift, he was photographed leaving his campaign headquarters flipping the bird to reporters.

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